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March 26, 2010

double shot

pumpkin + turquoise

These two fun colors add a mod jolt to any decor.

Etsy shop Vintage Life offers this great embroidered piece...

This tray table from CB2 offers a fun pop of color...

The pattern on this rug from Overstock is both modern and whimsical...

Brush up on your geography and liven up your walls with a vintage map...

Mandi does a great job mixing these two colors in this lovely vignette...

March 25, 2010

today's special

Desire to Inspire is featuring rooms from Vogue Living's March/April issue today. I'm especially loving the dining areas.

March 24, 2010


One of these cuties just might help keep the doctor away.

Who knew Etsy could be so good for your health?

(photos are linked)

March 23, 2010

trouble is brewing

Please excuse the messy posts below...html and I aren't best friends right now.

organic blend

Putting together a wall display in your home takes quite a bit of creativity and trial and error. These arrangements found via Flickr look effortless and show how blending different items - photos, art, found objects - can create and organic and unique presentation.
Courtesy of Smile and Wave Courtesy of simplygrove Courtesy of Pure and Noble Courtesy of Pure and Noble Courtesy of Nestled In Courtesy of h4ndz
Courtesy of Display Lady

March 22, 2010

hot off the press

New IKEA sidetables in our bedroom - modern perfection.

March 20, 2010

fresh brew

These Etsy finds, some vintage, some handmade, all would add fresh and modern touch to your decor...
doily clock
doily clock from and furthermore (this one is on my drool list)
Vintage  Child's School Chair Vintage child's school chair from vintage jane
vintage  Westclox electric alarm clock
vintage westclox alarm clock
60's danish modern teak ice bucket
kindness and love print from studio mela (who is currently having a BOGO sale!)
Siesta  cotton canvas cushion in blue and olive
siesta cotton canvas cushion from roddy & ginger
Modern  Damask Tree- item 30032
modern damask tree wall decal from byrdie graphics

March 18, 2010

double shot

butter + heather This is one of my favorite color combinations right now. So fresh. And who knew that grey could be fresh, right? If you read my personal blog you have already noticed my obsession with this pairing, so I found it only appropriate to share it as my first design brew double shot. They make quite the couple, don't you think? Anyone that is into fabric knows Amy Butler, and boy does she know how to work this pair... Amy Butler Midwest Modern Optic Blossom Linen Amy Butler Midwest Modern Martini Mustard Take this simple IKEA rocker... and add a graphic pillow like this one from Kalla... This ruffled pillow from Modernality is pretty sweet as well... These chairs from West Elm make solo design statements... Target is of course in on the trend with this modern houndstooth rug... Orla Kiely blends these two hues nicely together with other bright colors in one of her signature patterns... and this room brings it all together with subtle hints of color... spring fling... by <span class=

March 17, 2010

Well, hello there!

Welcome to design brew! This being my first post, I should probably keep it professional, but I really just want to jump up and down in excitement over this new venture.

Hold on a sec....

OK, jumping up and down completed. Let's get to business, shall we?

You are probably wondering what design brew is all about, right?

If you heart skips a beat when you come across a photograph of a perfect space, or a fabric that you just want to drape yourself in (perhaps velvet for you Seinfeld fans out there?), or a color so gorgeous you just want to drink it...

Then I'm hoping you will love design brew, because that is my goal. To bring you a daily jolt of design by showcasing spaces, furniture and accessories, color combinations, and vintage/handmade finds that make your heart flutter as much as they do mine.

You have probably noticed there is a strong reference to coffee on design brew and that is because, well, I really love coffee.


And it turns out that the world of coffee offers some words that go hand in hand with design. And that makes me really happy.

So why don't you come along with me as I show you what great things are brewing in the world of design...I promise it will be fun!

And welcome to the readers of my personal blog - This Girl's Life - so happy to see you!
your daily jolt of design.

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